3D Character Animation

Animation evolves all the time. Keeping an eye on technological advances today is key to conceptualizing modern content, then translating it to the screen. There are more animation styles and options out there than ever, but some of the most incredible stuff is happening with 3D character creation. So, join us as we explore the third dimension! And what it can do for your animated characters.

The benefits of 3D character animation

When you’re creating your content, it’s important to consider animation. Done well, it’s eye-catching, it’s memorable for your audience, and that helps define your brand. It’s a cost-saving option since there’s no need to hire actors, secure a location to film, or pay for travel! You can take your audience on a journey using only the magic of animated video.

What’s more, you leave yourself plenty of room for truly creative content. Cast off the shackles of reality and give people superpowers, make walking, talking animals, and customize the look of a character to your exact specifications. With the right ideas for animation, the world is your oyster. Literally, the world can be an oyster.

Incorporating 3D character animation in your project

So, that’s some of what animation can do for you, in a broad sense. But let’s talk characters, specifically. Creating a character can be an important element to any marketing plan. Having a mascot or memorable character associated with your brand is clearly valuable. When that character isn’t constrained by reality, it creates additional possibilities and opportunities. It’s just one way 3D animation can help you create an unforgettable and impactful experience for your audience.

Think about more engaging internal communications for employees, and attracting a larger audience to a straightforward explainer video. Enhance external marketing campaigns and social media pieces to create brand awareness. With practically zero limitations, 3D character animation is a useful tool for any video production.

How it works

You’ve seen 3D character animation in movies. It’s helped bring memorable personalities, such as Gollum from The Lord of the Rings or Thanos from The Avengers, to life. Enhanced by the support of actual actors and using motion-capture technology, these characters feel real even though they’re animated. Here’s some of the technology that makes it possible:

  • Full-body, motion-capture suit: While wearing this apparatus, computer software can capture all of a person’s movements. This information then translates into realistic-looking actions to use with a 3D anthropomorphic model.
  • Facial capture software: We’ve all seen animations in which a character’s eyes bulge out of their head, or a lightbulb appears over their head when they have an idea. This imagery is iconic for a reason (we love it, too), but the tone might not always be right. 3D animation lets us replicate lifelike facial features and emotional reactions. The software focuses on all the parts of the face to give 3D animated characters a realistic feel. The goal isn’t exaggerated, over-the-top expressions, it’s generating realistic reactions. This can help the audience identify and make connections with characters.

Experience is important

A still from ECG’s 3D aniamtion Tsunami Tuna.

The quality of the technology available to create high-end, 3D animated characters is only as good as the production team who uses it. An experienced team of animators to help create your character is essential. Atlanta-based companies like ECG Productions demonstrates their wealth of knowledge through a 3D reel. Always look for that when exploring options for a production company for your next project.

The animation team at ECG creates 3D animated characters with realistic movements. And, we accomplish it within a shorter timeframe than if we used traditional, hand animation. This gives you a cleanly-developed, high-caliber character in less time! With both motion-capture suit and software that secures actual facial features in hand, ECG can precisely map an actor’s performance in on-site studio, and match it to the face and body of a computer-generated 3D model.

To learn more about how the animation team at ECG Productions can help you create a mind blowing 3D animated character, reach out today.