Meet the ECG Voiceover Roster!

What exactly is voiceover?

A voice over is non-diagetic dialogue (so separate from the scene) that helps relay a message when played alongside video. It’s usually recorded after the video has been made and generally complements what’s going on on-screen. In video production, it’s an awesome tool to clearly and effectively state your brand’s message in a short period of time. Or, it can add an ironic twist or emotional heart-tug in a narrative piece. 

At ECG, we love utilizing voiceover to its fullest extent in our commercials, branded content and narrative productions — to name just a few! So it’s a no brainer that we’ve made it easy with our state of the art recording facilities and equipment.

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Pick from ECG’s extensive list of VO professionals

Not all video content requires voiceover, but when you do need it, finding the right voice is absolutely critical. Do you envision a declarative or demure tone for your project? Will the audience respond better to a male or female voice? Maybe you need a native Spanish speaker for your next video? All of these small bits play a big role in the tone and feel of your video!

Pairing with ECG as your production partner means working with the best. So it should come as no surprise that ECG’s voiceover roster represents the cream of the crop. We’re talking the smoothest talkers, and the most excellent enunciators in the biz! Every member of our voiceover roster brings a unique style & delivery to the recording, giving you nearly endless options to choose from for your project.

Pick from ECG’s index of on-staff voiceover specialists

Not only is our team made up of kick-ass editors, audio engineers, writers, and producers, it’s also filled with trained VO artists! That’s right, every member of the ECG family is prepped and ready to hop into the VO booth for you any day of the week.

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Energetic, Enthusiastic

Bring the big-time hype with these VO artists!

Higher Register

For when only a high-pitched voiceover will do!

Strong, Deep Voice

These artists specialize in impactful voiceovers.


Younger, Perkier

Looking for a voice brimming with youthful exuberance? Look no further!


Find the next great voice for your brand.

Mature, Confident

Gravitas abounds in the work from the these VO artists.

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VO artists
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Female voiceover talent

Kelsey Merriam

Emily Payton

Anneli Brown

Male voiceover talent

Jason Sirotin

Trey Gregory

Jordan Nowlin

Wilson Drake

Find the voice for your brand,
your story

From irreverent to stone-cold serious, straightforward to flighty, the amazing professionals on our VO roster can capture brand’s voice to the T. If someone stands out on either our VO Professionals or On-Starr Specialists roster, great! But, if you just have a general tone in mind, that works just as well. We’ll work tirelessly to scour through our resources until we find the exact VO artist you want! We’re perfectionists, and that goes all the way down to the voiceover level.

If you want to ask us any questions about the voiceover process, or if you have a project you need voiceover for, feel free to contact us whenever! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love for you to hear us (or one of our VO professionals) on your next video!


ECG provides top-notch industry video, post, and animation services. I found their staff to be truly professional and easy to work with, all while meeting deadlines.
Jason and the pros at ECG not only get the job done they treat you as if you are the only person who matters. They treat the talent, directors and producers ALL with the same respect! As a voice over actor, I look forward to voicing work at ECG!
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