Atlanta Fixer

Shooting your next production in an unfamiliar city is exciting. Seeing the new sites and taking in the local culture is exhilarating and lends some extra fervor to your shoot. However, sometimes a fresh perspective creates fresh issues to worry about. Where exactly are the best places to shoot? Who is the best crafty or catering company to keep your cast and crew well-fed without breaking the bank? What hotels are appropriate for you and your client?

True, research mitigates these problems a bit. But, the only sure-fire way to ensure the best possible experience with an out of town shoot is hiring a trusted, vetted fixer.

Fixers are born & raised locals to the area where you’re shooting who know their city and all of its nuances like the back of their hand. From the best restaurants in town to the best places to shoot, fixers have all the answers. In the same way that hiring a tour guide greatly enhances your tourism experience, hiring a fixer smoothes out your out-of-town productions. 

From Acworth to Alpharetta, Fayetteville to Forsyth: Our Atlanta Fixers Have You Covered

Our Atlanta fixers know the city better than anyone.

We here at ECG call Atlanta home. Whether you call it Hotlanta (pro tip: only tourists would dare call it that), The Empire City of the South, or Y’allywood, Atlanta is our backyard. And we know where and how to play in our city. 

With over 15 years of business in the metro-Atlanta area, we’ve accrued an impressive catalog of production insider info. Need a quaint, suburban home for your next set location? We know all the best locations. Looking for a trusted hair-&-makeup artist for your production? We know over 20. Want a recommendation on the best place for a wrap meal? Tell us which neighborhood you’re shooting in and we’ll have ample options for you.

The ever-popular Ponce City Market is located in a super popular filming neighborhood.

The point here is simple: if you need anything in our city–production-based or otherwise–our Atlanta fixers will get it yo you fast. We understand the breakneck speed of productions, and often there’s no time to wait for answers. With our Atlanta fixers answering your city needs, you can refocus on all the other production problems that await.

ECG’s Atlanta Fixers Bring A Little Something Extra to Your Production

Beyond providing invaluable insight to your on-location production, ECG’s roster of Atlanta Fixers bring something else to the table: that signature Southern Hospitality. The South really is full of the friendliest people in the world, and our fixers constantly prove it. Regardless of your timeline or laundry list of needs, our fixers will solve all your problems with Southern charm, kindness, and a side of sweet tea. Make productions fun again! Let ECG’s Atlanta Fixers take the stress off of you so you can enjoy the ride. 

Don’t sweat over an off-site shoot in Atlanta. Reach out to us at and we’ll get one of our A-list A-Town Fixers on the case!