Script Coverage

We’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to scriptwriting and development. Our team of production experts have worked on feature films (both narrative and documentary), television pilots, shorts, commercials, branded content pieces, radio ads — the list goes on. Screenplay or teleplay, treatment or A/V script, ECG is ready to dive into your written content and help shape it into something truly great.

The best thing any writer can do is get their script analyzed, top to bottom, with a solid review. During our script coverage process, our team does just that. We look at a script from all angles, making sure the premise, story, plot, structure, characters, dialogue, and format is solid. And we always deliver feedback in the most clear, organized and concise way we can muster so you can utilize our notes right off the bat.

But, to be sure, this is not your standard one-off, remote coverage service. Every script project that comes through our doors is assigned a dedicated reader, so that all our clients have a direct and personal relationship with someone from our team. We’ve always found that fostering those personal relationships is a fantastic way to open the door for the best collaboration. And, plus, it’s a much more enjoyable process!

The Goal of Script Coverage

Wherever you envision your script ending up, our goal is always to provide the expert analysis that will help it get there. After all, the first thing any potential investors or crew members you want on your project will ask to see is the script! It’s the most crucial building block of any production, and it determines whether or not your commercial will be successful or whether or not your feature will rank in film history. So, needless to say, you want to make sure your prose is as polished as it can be. Our team makes sure you know everything you need to know before that initial reading. Low risk, qualified script coverage saves you tons of anxiety down the road.

ECG Productions’ Script Services offer you the insights you need to make your script better. Plus, if you’re thinking about basing your production here in Atlanta, our local industry knowledge helps you to not only develop your script, but develop your production plan as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Put our expertise in all areas of production to work for you! Contact us today for a comprehensive estimate of your next script coverage project. We’re looking forward to it!