Narrative Scriptwriting

Crafting a narrative isn’t something to take lightly. From fresh-out-of-school wordsmiths to the most seasoned storytellers, anyone who dabbles in narrative scriptwriting is well aware of how demanding it can be. This isn’t just clever copywriting or tongue-in-cheek blogging, this is the real deal. This is where the blueprint for an unforgettable film gets unfurled. This is when you hash out your vision. And, most importantly, this is the first step in breathing life into great stories.

What is narrative scriptwriting?

First of all, it’s important to note that most people know “narrative scriptwriting” as just scriptwriting, or even screenwriting. Here at ECG, however, we’re hyper-aware of the myriad different types of scriptwriting out there. For instance, writing a script for an animated explainer video is wildly different than writing a 0:30 broadcast commercial spot. Same goes for writing a 5 minute comedy short. Every script is different, and knowing the best approach can save you time and a ton of mental anguish.

Alright, so with that disclaimer out of the way, on to narrative scriptwriting!

Narrative scriptwriting is the process of writing a script that a) has a full narrative through-line, and b) is formatted for filming. No matter the nuances of the story or the intricacies of the plot, if what you’re writing fits those two criteria, then you are writing a narrative script.

Of course, one doesn’t just simply throw together a narrative script. Like every stage of the filmmaking process there are specific steps to take considerations to make when you start your script. What are the themes of your narrative? Where and when does the story take place, and how does this play into your overall conceit? How would you describe your characters at the beginning of the plot, and how do the events that unfold move them forward (or backwards) emotionally? Spouting out a story is one thing, but a well-crafted narrative takes steadfast consideration, planning, and structure.

It takes a lot of work, and oftentimes more hours than most people are willing to put in. But when a great script comes together it’s at once compelling and exciting, moving and arresting. In short, it’s the kind of thing we live for here at ECG.

The ECG narrative scriptwriting difference

There’s nothing that we love more than good storytelling here at ECG. Ok, a good Scotch comes close, but it still doesn’t quite hold up. With years of experience and market research under our belts, we’re as dedicated to telling great stories as we are to seeking them out.

From short form content to feature length films, we’ve written scripts of every shape and size. What’s more, we’ve crafted some award-winning stories along the way. We know how to make characters come to life, worlds coalesce before your eyes, and the wildest things imaginable a textual reality.

If you’re interested in a meeting with our writers, discussing script notes, or even just setting up a pitch meeting to discuss the writing process, contact ECG Productions today!