Stunts & Stunt Coordinators

Think about the wildest stunts and stuntmen you’ve ever seen on screen. It’s probably not something you’re going to forget soon.

Every production requires its own unique variety of elements, and each one is equally important for creating perfect results. Stunt work is one element that’s sure to leave a lasting impact.

Action films aren’t the only productions that can utilize these stunt coordinators. Adding stunts to any production takes the shoot to another level!

What are stunts?

First, let’s define stunts. Essentially, a stunt is any unusual or difficult physical feat or act requiring a special skill.

Most often, we think of superhero doubles or stunt car drivers. However, stunts include any act that requires special technical skill.  Stunts can include everything from motorcycle stunts, to fight choreography, to performing dance routines.

This means tightrope walkers, escape artists, and fire eaters are all stunt artists. Plus, many more! Any specific technical skill can be used to enhance a production.

History of stunt coordination

A stunt woman in an action harness mid-air in a forrest
A stunt woman in an action harness mid-air in a forrest

The world of stunts for the screen continues to evolve. The first professional stuntmen were comedians. Gigs weren’t hiring based off of who could successfully perform the stunt, but rather, who was crazy enough to try.

Back then, most stunt work was used in slapstick comedies. Unlike today, there weren’t any camera techniques or special props that “sold” the reality of the stunts. Instead, stuntmen performed their feats bare faced, despite the danger.

Around 1910, dedicated stunt people doubling for actors became more common, especially in silent western films. Thanks to this new technology, many rodeo stars evolved into actors/stunt artists.

As Hollywood productions got bigger and more elaborate, the demand for stuntmen and women rapidly increased. Moreover, stunt doubles started specializing in what kinds of stunts they could perform. A fight scene stuntwoman might be different from the stuntwoman used during a high speed car chase.

Today, stunts cover a wide range of technical skills and talents. Stunt doubles are common, but it’s special effects and filming techniques that enhance their work while keeping them safe.

Stunts at ECG

Stuntman falls from ladder in living room
Stunt coordinators work closely with directors to ensure that the action is realistic and that it fits the script and vision.

Stunt work and stunt services continue to evolve. Artists are constantly improving and expanding their skills and tricks.

At ECG, the opportunities are limitless. With connections to some of the best stunt people in the field, we have the power to create exactly what you’re looking for.

To produce our ECG Productions Demo Reel, we enlisted the help of world champion free runner and stunt person, Marvin Ross! That’s right, we’re talking about the man who performed all of the Spider-Man stunts for the movie Captain America: Civil War.

While we offer a huge variety of in-house stunt services, we recognize the importance of working with other specialists to take a production to another level.

That’s why we take our relationships seriously. With connections to some of the best freelancers and production companies in the industry, we are able to work together to form your perfect production.

Thanks to our extensive database of connections and collaboration experiences, we have the resources necessary for your project.