Timelapse & Hyperlapse Video

Quick, engaging, and to-the-point, timelapse and hyperlapse videos are camera magic made manifest. These videos make minutes, hours, even days evaporate to just a few seconds. You’ve seen them before: the complete construction of a building, an entire evening in a bustling kitchen, the sun completing its golden hazed journey from horizon to horizon, all playing out in 0:30 or less.

Compressing these huge undertakings into digestible videos yields visually arresting and impressive results. And more importantly, it gives audiences a true-to-life glimpse of all the work that goes into a project.

It’s About Time For Timelapse

First of all, let’s clear up the difference between timelapse video and hyperlapse video, once and for all. The big difference here is whether or not the video contains camera movement or not. For instance, in timelapse video, the camera captures all the movement in front of the lens, but the camera itself remains static. Conversely, in a hyperlapse video the camera both films motion and moves itself. In addition to just looking really cool, this slow tracking motion gives the timelapse video a kinetic, exciting feel.

However, timelapse and hyperlapse video isn’t a novel idea. In fact, this video technique has been used to great effect both cinematically and commercially for decades. However, not everyone has the know-how, the experience, or the eye to make timelapse or hyperlapse videos great. At ECG, we not only bring your wildest timelapse dreams to life, we make them better than you could have ever imagined.

The 3 T’s: Team, Tools, Timelapse

Like any production, crafting great timelapse and hyperlapse video starts with never settling for anything but the best team and technology available. Our team of dedicated timelapse professionals know the ins and outs of what it takes to produce amazing footage. And our ever-growing stable of cutting edge timelapse tech—things like our Ikan E-Image Motor1 motorized slider, car mounts with dampeners, MoVI Pro 3-axis gimbals, & Tero remote controlled gimbals—gives us a full range of capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for a cool addition to your project or a dynamic standalone piece, ECG is your go-to team for timelapse and hyperlapse video. In today’s fast-paced world, you need video that moves as quickly as most people’s attention spans. Speedy, captivating content is what you need. And speedy, captivating content is exactly what ECG’s timelapse and hyperlapse team provides you!

We’re ready to be your timelapse and hyperlapse video partner! Let’s create together!