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Script Coverage

Person works at desk providing script coverage and storyboard development services.ECG Productions offers a number of services for scriptwriting and development. Our team has extensive experience developing feature films (both narrative and documentary), television pilots, shorts, and much more. Screenplay or teleplay, treatment or A/V script, we're equipped to assist you with your written content.

Receiving complete and objective coverage from a local source can be invaluable in evaluating your project before you take it to the next stage.

Our team will analyze your script from all angles, making sure your premise, story, plot, structure, characters, dialogue, and script format is evaluated objectively and fairly, with feedback delivered in a clear, organized, coherent and concise manner for you to use.

With a variety of services for you to choose from, ECG Productions can ensure that you receive the analysis you need to help your project reach its full potential. But this is not your standard one-off, remote coverage service. Each project is assigned a dedicated reader, so that you have a direct and personal relationship, allowing the opportunity for explanation and further collaboration.

Script Coverage Goals

Our goal is to provide you with expert industry analysis, regardless of your intentions of production. We offer three tiered coverage packages, with a number of additional add-ons and individual services so that you can tailor the analysis you need for your project.

Script Coverage and Script Development ServicesAnyone thinking about working on or investing in your project will surely be reading your script. You want to make sure that before they do, your prose is as polished as it can be. Our team will make sure you know everything you need to know before that initial reading. Low risk, qualified script coverage will save you tons of anxiety down the road.

ECG Productions’ Script Services offer you the insights you need to make your script better. Plus, if you’re thinking about basing your production here in Atlanta, having a local industry reader can help you to not only develop your script, but develop your production plan as well. Put our expertise in all areas of production to work for you!

Standard Script Coverage Package $1,000.00

  • Header: Form, Author, Pages, Draft Date, Submitted To, Submitted By, Genre, Location, Time Period, Date of Analysis, Reader
  • Consideration: Recommend/Consider/Pass
  • Logline: Best version of the story as it's written in one sentence.
  • Comment Summary: One or two sentences explaining why recommendation is what it is. This is the “bottom line.”
  • Synopsis: Synopsis of story in 1-1.5 pages. Beat by beat.
  • Comments: 1-2 pages of specific examples that back up the recommendation.

Advanced Script Coverage Package $1,500.00

Includes everything in Standard Coverage plus

  • Separate Comments: 2-3 pages of specific examples that back up the recommendation split into Structure, Story, Characterizations, Dialogue

Notes: Advice on possible solutions to fix weaknesses in script.

Complete Script Development Package $1,750.00

Includes everything in Advanced Coverage Package plus

  • Consultation: One hour meeting to discuss and develop script. (In person or via Web Conference)

Add Ons/Individual Services (Call for pricing.)

  • Rush Service
  • Additional Reader
  • Estimated Budget
  • 2nd Submission (Synopsis & Comments Only)
  • First 25 Pages

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