Color Correction & Color Grading

Although often overlooked, Color grading is a very important component to the video production process. Mainly this is because a beautiful color grade typically doesn’t draw attention to itself; it just works. Bad color grading, or worse none at all, makes the final production look cheap or rushed.

The first step to great color is capturing great footage. If you’ve produced your content with ECG Productions, you can rest assured that you’ll be starting from the highest quality video. If you’ve come to us with your own assets, you may have excellent quality video or you may need us to do some color correction before we get started on the look for your project. Either way, ECG Productions is ready to create stunning visual content that enhances the feelings already present in your project.

Here at ECG Productions we have a dedicated color suite with Davinci Resolve, the Flanders Scientific color accurate monitor, a completely decked out Tangent Element Color Grading Surface, and of course our charming in-house colorist to drive all that gear.


Just as with post-production, you can be as involved as you want to be in the grade. If you would like to sit in our color suite and watch the magic happen, we’d love to have you there and we’ll make the experience as enjoyable as possible. You can also leave the grade in our hands, and make comments on the video once we have finished. We’re ready to accommodate the workflow that works best for YOU. Tell us how you like to work and we’ll make it happen.