In a nutshell, compositing is the combination of separate visual elements in post-production. Generally the goal of compositing is to make all the individual elements look like they’re a part of the same scene.  In production, we call the live action shots we plan to composite either green screen, blue screen or chroma key shots.

Compositing has become an integral part of the modern digital production process.  Perhaps you want the flexibility of shooting an interview or standup against a backdrop that can be easily changed.  Maybe you’re looking to create a fully virtual set that your subject can move through and interact with.  You may even be looking to create a complex visual effects sequence with both practical and digital elements combined into a seamless finished product (see our music video for The Armory’s “Burn The City Down”).  No matter how simple or ambitious your vision, ECG Productions has the skill and the experience necessary to execute your concept and bring it to the screen.

Compositing at ECG

The recipe for successful compositing begins in pre-production and continues through the production process.  It’s not just a matter of having the best compositors (which, we do!) You’ve got to acquire content in a very particular way to ensure the best results. Our production professionals know exactly how to light, shoot and deliver assets that will eventually be composited so that not an ounce of quality is sacrificed.

Our talented digital artists use the latest software and hardware available to consistently push the envelope — but only when you need us to. While we’re always ready and willing to tackle high-end compositing projects, we’ve also always got your bottom line in mind. That means having compositing solutions available for smaller budget projects on hand all the time. You can trust us to create the stunning visuals you need, delivered on time and within budget — all without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

So, whatever chroma key project you have in mind, let us help you bring it to life. Contact us today!