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Not all video content requires voice-over, but when you do need it, finding the right voice is absolutely critical. ECG Productions maintains relationships with some of the most talented VO artists in the industry, including both male and female in-house talent who are available to you 24/7 and are prepared to record at a moments notice (you can listen to all of their demos via the player on the right side of this page).

We offer language translation services and have access to talent fluent in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. In short, we’re equipped for fast turnaround of your voiceover recording, no matter what your needs.

Microphone for automated dialogue replacement (ADR) Mixing board for audio and vocal tracks Atlanta voiceover talent recording vocals for audio project

Whether you’d like to be in the studio in person during the recording session, dialed in live via phone or would simply like to give us instructions and turn us loose, we’re prepared to facilitate the workflow that fits your needs.

If we’re also handling your post, the voiceover process will integrate seamlessly into the editing process. If you need standalone audio, we can deliver your completed recording in any major format and transmit it to you digitally, as a physical master or both.

Additionally, ECG Productions’ on-site recording facilities can accommodate ADR (automated dialogue replacement) sessions, foley recording, commentary track creation and more. Every project is different, but you can rest assured that ECG Productions can handle your voiceover and audio post-production needs in-house, no matter what the unique requirements of your production.