Skillsoft | Payment Card Industry Compliance

Can you follow the card as it zips through a series of payment card industry compliance breaches?

Creating engaging, interesting training videos for our good friends at Skillsoft is nothing new for us. What we wanted to do with this particular video, however, was speed & spice things up a bit.

“When we locked in the ‘follow the card’ concept and our director showed me a fast-paced comp, I was so excited to write this script,” added the project’s script writer Jasmine Waters, “it was fun to take a teaching tool and make it a breakneck high-speed thriller.”

The spot’s director, Seth Johnson, chimes in: “This spot was fun because the references we built out with the client were, surprisingly, Tarantino movies – Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. PF informed the out of sequence storytelling and RD informed the script, in that we have characters sitting in one location in the aftermath of a disaster, trying to figure out who is to blame for the mess they’re in.

“All of this elevated the concept beyond what you may expect for an informative industrial film, which is known for being dry,” described Seth.

“On a typical ECG set, the audio department consists of one person. For PCI we were able to have a production sound mixer and a boom operator working together to capture on-set audio. As with any production, the goal was to capture the best sound possible, circumventing the need for ADR in post-production – a costly process – and ensuring that the natural ambiance of the location was accurately captured. The space where we filmed was an active cigar bar, which had intense ventilation that could not be shut off. This meant that we needed to have the boom angled away from the loud vents to prevent recording their hum,”  Assistant Audio Engineer Cassie Corlett




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