Sorrento Therapeutics | Sofusa DoseConnect – Clinical Trial Training

A simple, straightforward medical training video that’s sure to help push this great product through clinical trials!

Not all medical training videos are created equal. Oftentimes they’re poorly produced and hard to follow, not to mention visually unclear. Our goals for this piece we produced for Sorrento Therapeutics were simple. We aimed to create a training video that was clear and concise with just enough heart behind it.

Shot on location at the Sorrento Therapeutics office, our lean and mean crew made the most of some tight situations. For one, it wasn’t until the day of production that we finally got to see the DoseConnect up close and in person. To be fair, though, it was mighty impressive to see in action. Opting for an array of micro-needles instead of a larger infusion point makes the DoseConnect feel less invasive. As someone who’s had an infusion before, I can assure you that this technology will be greatly appreciated by thousands. 

But I digress. The REAL challenge of our day was the size of our set. With some clever light arranging by our Gaffer, Collin, and the day’s DP, Sebastian, we made the tight conference room work for us. Sure, there was a decent bit of Kino Flo rearranging mid-shoot, but it’s nothing we hadn’t dealt with before. 

Luckily, since the procedure isn’t terribly long, we had more than enough takes to cover our bases in the edit. The mix of wider shots that showcase physician’s assistant at work and the extreme close-ups that display the machine’s settings work well in tandem. What’s more, this was a great chance for our very own Jenn Lee to step out from her color suite and into the VO booth! Jenn’s no-nonsense VO lends this training video a sense of authority that every good training moment needs.




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