Speed Addicts | Event Sizzle

Do you like well-crafted edits, sick graphics, and epic drone footage? Are we forgetting something? Oh yeah, dozens and dozens of stunning, very fast cars.

We covered an incredible weekend of races for Speed Addicts Racing at the South Georgia Motorsports Park. These gearheads raced from dawn ’til dusk and we shot everything there was to see.

Our licensed drone pilot worked overtime to catch race after race. We also captured some captivating skylines and sweeping wide shots of the event grounds. Emily Payton was high in the stands with our Canon C200, panning with drive-bys for hours on end. And for all those engine closeups and crowd footage, Seb Chamaca deftly handled our Sony A7sii, mounted on our DJI Ronin.

All told, Director Seth Johnson and Executive Producer Jason Sirotin handed over 18 hours worth of racing footage to editor Cameron Shaw. Cam never professed to have a great love for cars, but the dramatic footage was a treat any editor would drool over.

Using every camera, every angle, and every frame rate at his disposal, Cam managed to keep the pace of the cut moving, while still channeling the clients vision for an all-encompassing video. On the graphics side, Seth added another sweet layer of eye candy in Adobe After Effects, using some custom glitch effects and funky transitions. Perhaps most importantly, audio engineer Joe DiCosola shifted into another gear to build the sound design from scratch.

You don’t have to love cars to recognize great shots and flawless post production. But hey, if you do love cars, we got you covered. If you’re into both, well, someone will come by to pry you away from your screen eventually!




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