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James Patterson | Target: Alex Cross – Sean Lawlor

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Sleek. Smooth. Sociopathic.

The second installment of our “character intro” series for James Patterson’s best-selling novel, Target: Alex Cross, is arguably our best. This spot introduces Sean Lawlor, an assassin whose appreciation for the finer things is matched only by his drive to kill. Patterson describes Lawlor as a “man’s man,” a gentleman who loves a good whiskey, a fine cigar, and a well-balanced high caliber rifle. However, the trick was pinpointing the best way to showcase all those things in a succinct, sexy way.

Ultimately, we crafted the perfect blend of atmosphere and sub-text bring this baby home. The set’s noir lighting underscores Lawlor’s mysterious nature. Lawlor’s gentle, reverent caresses over his rifle showcase his methodical approach to contract killing. What’s more, the whimsical waltz in the background contrasts with menacing imagery in just the right way. And what does all this mean? It means that this is one kick-ass piece of branded content, that’s what it means!

Client: James Patterson | Profile: Branded Content

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