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James Patterson | Target: Alex Cross – The Potters

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Married and on a mission of murder

We made five videos to celebrate the release of James Patterson’s latest Alex Cross novel, Target: Alex Cross. Cross is an iconic character, and he means a lot to tons of readers. So, like any great author would, Patterson sends not one, but six assassins to kill him. When we conceptualized each video, we knew that making each character feel uniquely threatening was paramount. This spot, featuring married assassins, Dana and Mary Potter, is one of our favorites.

We were inspired by the Potters’ lawless, cowpoke style, and threw in just of hint of that Red Dead Redemption aesthetic to drive it home. Synchronization is what makes Dana and Mary such a deadly team, so split-screen was a cool, natural choice to show how seamlessly they mirror each other. Add some supremely atmospheric music and sound design, and we have a finished product that is… dare we say it? Killer.

Client: Hachette Book Group | Profile: Branded Content