Taste the Culture | Ep.1 – Vegan Burgers, Cheesesteaks & Social Justice

This reality tv pilot finds Chef Justin Sutherland on the hunt for BIPOC stories in the culinary world

For decades, audiences’ hunger for food-based tv has rivaled only their cravings for food itself. If it’s got mouthwatering morsels onscreen, chances are that it’s been watched and rewatched by people far and wide. However, not all food-based reality tv is created equal. For every kitschy retread, you have an envelope-pushing program with a steadfast goal to say something bigger about food, and perhaps even about the human condition.

Taste the Cutture, featuring Chef Justin Sutherland, is one such program.

Now, Justin is no stranger to stardom. Following his meteoric rise through the culinary world, Justin has done everything from win a bout on Iron Chef America, competing on Top Chef, and co-hosting the infinitely bingeable Fast Foodies. But as Justin will attest, stardom isn’t worth its weight in pork trimmings if you don’t use it to say something. Taste the Culture is Justin’ vehicle to do just that: to amplify fellow BIPOC voices and underscore their indelible impact on the world of food.

Welcome To Atlanta

Our pilot episode of Taste the Culture couldn’t have featured a more perfect pair: Pinky Cole of Slutty Vegan, and Derrick Cole of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks. In the episode, Justin arrives in our hometown of Atlanta with an empty stomach and a curious mind; on both accounts, Pinky & Derrick were happy to sate his hunger.

Up first was Derrick, whose mega-successful Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks were only made possible through his humble beginnings. Next up was Pinky, whose dedication to providing accessible, sustainable, and did I mention DELICIOUS vegan food options in food deserts across the city is unrivaled. 

Together, this dynamic duo are not only changing the face of Atlanta’s food scene, they’re putting their money where their mouths are to make a difference in their community. Between their collective initiative to provide free life insurance for over 25,000 Black men in the city, to their outreach efforts to educate the community on financial literacy, Derrick & Pinky’s story is exactly the kind of tale we wanted to focus on for the very first episode of Taste the Culture.

Snippet: Chef Justin Sutherland showcases the story of 2 amazing Black entrepreneurs in this heartwarming reality tv show pilot




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