ECG partners Trey, Jay and Jase, have all worked their fair share in serialized television production. Those were the 12 to 18 hour days, when they would churn out full episodes weekly in run-and-gun, low budget productions. Nowadays we’re working on TV pilots and some fun reality television, and overall, we’d say it’s a pretty pleasant experience. When the right hosts and the right video production team come together, it can really make some TV magic.

Television Portfolio

Hook & Cook purple and white logo for the pilot episdoe in Miami

Hook & Cook | Pilot Episode

Our crew travelled to Miami to produce this pilot for broadcast tv cooking show, Hook & Cook. From the shoot through post-production, this was one tasty project.

ECG Productions | Tsunami Tuna Teaser

Tsunami Tuna was a passion project that taught us a lot about 3D animation and graphics workflow. The teaser for this wacky, weird TV show puts it all on display!

Cox Media Group Tech'd Out

Dana Barrett | Tech’d Out

We shot on-site at Cox Media Group’s Atlanta studio for Dana Barrett’s new TV show Tech’d Out. It’s full of tight, interesting, and timely content. Check it out!

Video thumbnail for the pilot episode of tv show, Sell Out.

Sell Out | Pilot

We make a lot of great commercials, but not all commercials are created equal. The worst of the worst is on display in our pilot for the TV show, Sell Out.

Paleo Bites | Sizzle Reel

Custom 3D animation and graphics round out this delicious sizzle reel for the TV show, Paleo Bites, making it as lean and mean as the paleo diet. It’s looking good!


Forbes Luxe 11 – Open

Our work with the Travel Channel includes this motion graphics show open for the TV series, “21.” It’s compositing and 3D elements are so good you’ll bet on us every time.

Graphic Packages for Broadcast television and film atlanta georgia

21 Show – Open

Looking for a complete motion graphics package for your content? See how ECG does it with their work on Travel Channel’s series “21.”

REALITY SHOW Television Production Atlanta Georgia | The Roomies – Show Open

At ECG, we offer a complete range of motion graphics services, 2D and 3D animation. A good show open matters, so make sure you have the right graphics package for you!

Broadcast Television Show Open and Graphics Packages Atlanta Georgia

XY.TV | Secret Lives – Show Open

Start your show right with a motion graphics package that leaves a lasting impression. ECG can help. Check out this sample from the TV series “Secret Lives.”