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Trey has been in love with visual storytelling ever since coming into possession of his family’s VHS camcorder, the tool which arguably launched his career in video production, at the age of 10. After being, by far, the coolest nerd on the Video Yearbook staff in highschool, Trey decided to make his relationship with video official by getting a degree from the University of Georgia’s Grady College. While the ink on his degree was still wet, Trey packed his entire life into four boxes and moved to Boston, where he worked in the trenches of the video production industry and started to formally learn Animation and Visual Effects. After five years in Boston as the senior producer and director of photography for a variety of nationally televised reality-style programs Trey and long-time friend and collaborator, Jason Marraccini, decided to move to Atlanta and start ECG Productions.

Since launching Entertainment Creative Group Productions in 2007 Trey has acted as the lead animator and visual effects director for ECG. He has created motion graphics used by some of the biggest brands in the world for television commercials, music videos, tv shows, feature films and web videos. Trey is constantly striving to learn more and actually LOVES the feeling of looking at his old work to see how much he grows in ability year after year.

Trey is certainly on fire as an animator, but he’s not just a post-production desk jockey. Trey has directed multiple tv commercials, music videos, and even a feature film. He knows how to write, perform on camera and is even known around the office as “Golden-Pipes Gregory” for his voiceover skills. Being as “humble” as he is, Trey would never tell you that he also functions as a 1st Assistant Director, a position he takes on mostly because he likes to bark at people to get them moving.

Trey spends his non-work hours at home with his wife, 2 children, 16 fish, and 3 cats.

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