The Summer of Mystery – James Patterson + Elin Hilderbrand

The Pairing of Two Literary Titans

In a vibrant collaboration that brought together the literary worlds of James Patterson and Elin Hilderbrand, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a cross-promotion that mirrored the contrasting moods of these two summer releases.

The project presented an exciting opportunity to play with visual contrasts, reflecting the sunny romance of “28 Summers” and the dark, mysterious allure of “The Summer House”. Our canvas was the picturesque setting of a beach, depicted under two different skies that perfectly encapsulated the essence of each novel.

Bringing The Summer of Mystery to Life Visually

To bring this vision to life, we turned to Adobe After Effects, a platform that allowed us the creative freedom to weave together the bright and dark narratives seamlessly. The use of the Element 3D plugin was instrumental in achieving the stunning 3D book effects and dynamic text transitions that became a highlight of the promotion.

As we delved into the animation process, we were keen on creating visuals that resonated with the distinct themes of each book. The bright sunny sky served as a backdrop for Hilderbrand’s offerings, painting a picture of romance and bliss, while the dark foreboding clouds cast a shadow of mystery and intrigue for Patterson’s fare.

Compelling Visuals & Narratives

This project stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling, where ECG Productions managed to encapsulate the unique essence of two distinct narratives into a cohesive and captivating promotional piece. It was a delightful challenge to balance the contrasting themes, creating a cross-promo that invites readers into the diverse worlds crafted by these literary heavyweights.




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