TJX | Discover Different

Daring to be “Different,” TJX breaks from behind the scenes to center stage

Corporate videos are vital for developing, refining, and ultimately showcasing a brand’s identity. Say the right things, and it sets you up for success in the near and distant future. Take a misstep, and you’re wading into a quagmire of muddied messaging. 

Crafting the perfect spot was even more important for a brand like TJX. You might not know it, but you’re well-acquainted with TJX and their many sub-brands. Ever spent an afternoon browsing the racks at Marshalls? Are you, in fact, a Maxxinista? Have you snagged up “the goods” at your neighborhood Home Goods? If so, you’re a patron of the good folks at TJX, the parent company for all of these off-price retailers. Yet, you’ve almost certainly never heard of TJX themselves.

And that was our challenge: find a great way to tell the story of a brand everyone knows, but also kinda-sorta doesn’t.

Our approach was simple: let the great people that make up TJX do the talking for us. The video features associates from various TJX brands across the globe. Spanning 5 continents and even more languages, this corporate video is a self-contained journey of discovery. Discovery of facts we never knew, of different cultures, and of a different perspective on the retail experience.

Thanks to some handy animation work from Trey Gregory, the simple graphic call-outs serve as a unifying motif across all of TJX’s sub-brands, regions, and encompassed dialects. What’s more, our amazing Sound Engineer, Joe, recorded more voiceovers than he’d care to remember for this video. Afterall, TJX is a global brand: it wouldn’t be their full company story without all the disparate voices included!

In the end, this corporate video was a pitch-perfect coming out party for TJX.




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