UGA SBDC | Southern Metalcraft – Business Highlight

Crafted and welded with precision, this UGA small business highlight really struck while the iron was hot! | Southern Metalcraft

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (UGA SBDC) has helped Southern MetalCraft weld their own path in another installment of our “Business Highlight” series.

By partnering with the University of Georgia, ECG was able to showcase the talents of Southern MetalCraft’s work through the company’s mouthpiece, CEO Greg Williams. Through trials and tribulations, Southern MetalCraft’s partnership with UGA SBDC yielded exemplary results. Alongside an interview with Williams, director Jordan Nowlin honed in on all the bending, cutting, welding, and laser-cutting that goes into the craft.  

The location was challenging, as a metal-working facility is not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cinemanic appeal. However, the team was able to find precise moments and shots in order to capture just how impressive the metal work can be. The noisy facility required the team’s sound mixer to use sound blankets in very unique and creative ways in order to dampen the sounds of boiling and changing metal. 

Once the project got to post-production, everything fit into place as neatly as the metallurgic masterworks that our featured company produces. Mr. William’s compelling testimony paired with the beautiful b-roll of the facility at work makes for one hot company highlight video. You know: hot like the metal they heat. The metal AND the video are hot. You get it, right?




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