UGA SBDC | Southern Press and Packing – Business Highlight

Get a load of our juiciest business highlight video yet for UGA SBDC!

The University of Georgia Small Business Development Center (or UGA SBDC, for short) is a force for good across the state. As an organization they do everything from helping businesses acquire grants, offering financial advice, and even running marketing courses. What’s more, it’s no surprise that businesses across the state have flourished under the SBDC’s tutelage. 

This is one such story.

For this first installment in our “Business Highlights” series, our crew ventured out to the pastoral expanses of Blackshear, GA. There we met Shawn Davis and Karey McKinnon, the owners and operators of Southern Press and Packing. These were two humble small business owners with a clear passion for their product. And that product just so happened to be some of the best blueberries and blueberry juice you’ll ever have.

Shawn and Karey built Southern Press and Packing from the ground up. They’re a true small business success story. However, when the time came to grow the business, the financial challenges of expansion caused some headaches. That’s where the UGA SBDC stepped in and changed the trajectory of their business forever. With how successful they’ve been since receiving the grants the UGA SBDC helped them obtain, it’s no wonder they were eager to share their story.

Shot with a Canon C200 and the always nimble Sony a7s ii, our team worked quickly and efficiently. But more importantly, we captured some beautiful footage across the board. Between the interestingly-framed low-angle interview shots and the high shutter speed b-roll, the images are almost as delicious as the berries. Couple that with a well-paced edit that beautifully interweaves interview and complimentary footage, and we’d say this was one FRUITful project!




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