Food & Beverage

There are probably more foodies at ECG than video game nerds. And we’ve got a lot of video game nerds in the house! We love cooking or a good restaurant meal around here, so when the opportunity comes to shoot videos about either of those, we get pretty excited. Especially when it involves shooting one of the awesome restaurants here in Atlanta or beyond and getting fed while doing it! Beyond the restaurant scene, we’ve also created a lot of cooking shows, which always present their own set of challenges and rewards. Whatever it is involving food, rest assured ECG’s crew will be there, ready to film and eat. 

Food & Beverage Portfolio

Eater - Waffle House cult following

Eater | Cult Following: Waffle House

Is there any restaurant chain more beloved than Waffle House? In this mini-documentary for, we take an in-depth look at the iconic Southern institution.

Text on peanut noodles

National Peanut Board

Looking for a delicious dinner? Check out this recipe video for the National Peanut Board. It’s got veggies, noodles, and, of course, peanuts. Plus, it’s beautifully shot!