W Labs | The Smart Oven – Commercial

W Labs’ Smart Oven is the oven of the future, today.

To showcase the Oven of the Future, we looked to the past.

Producing a commercial for a new-to-market product is challenging. How do you both entertain and entice the audience to buy? What’s the appropriate tone for the product’s key demographic? How does the commercial’s style affect public perception of the product? A great commercial considers all these questions and then gameplans around them; and we think we made a pretty great commercial with this product reveal commercial for the Smart Oven.

We used a ton of different elements to create this commercial, including vintage commercial clips, newsreel footage, and even cartoon snippets. The resulting collage celebrates the past while showcasing the forward-thinking technology of the Smart Oven. In addition to these multimedia pieces, we shot a ton of food beauties and actor reactions. Our trusted RED Monstro 8K camera was running at full capacity capturing this breathtaking footage. I mean, how can you look at that mac & cheese and not drool just a bit?

Additionally, we have to give a huge shout out to the animation team for their amazing work on this one! The transition elements, the cool stop-motion-esque food conveyor belt effect, the graphic call-outs: they’re all expertly done.

Sure, making a new-to-market product video is tough. But when you have the best team in the biz making it a reality, no challenge is too difficult and nothing is impossible. With that, feast your eyes on the oven of the future!

Client: W Labs | Profile: Commercial Video




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