YKK | The Curved-Fly Machine Overview

YKK Fastening Solutions brings you the Curved-Fly machine


Have you ever seen how a pair of jeans are made? The process might surprise you! We partnered with YKK to take an in-depth look at a typically unassuming detail in your pair of jeans: the curved fly. We think the video turned out…well…pretty fly! 

This overview takes a look at the robotics behind an important step in pant manufacturing. While the curved fly itself may seem simple, the machine used to assemble one is anything but. The Curved-Fly machine is an option in the Flexline ensemble, a machine line specific to pant manufacturing. This machine utilizes many complex moving parts, among them a robotic arm to guide the zipper fly through a mechanism that feeds it into the sewing machine. While this machine overview can get pretty technical, we made sure to utilize clear and direct voice over narration to detail the processes for the viewer in a concise and direct manner. 

Another important aspect of creating content for a technical overview such as this is camera work. We implemented smooth tracking shots using our dana dolly in between wider, static shots of the machine to focus in on the important moving parts and generate a little more visual interest for the audience. Pair that with some crisp graphics and clean audio and you have yourself a winning combination for a subject that could otherwise be made dull or confusing.

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