5 Super Spooky Production-Based Halloween Costumes

Trick-or-treat. Get into character this season with five super spooky Halloween costumes that riff on the life of a video production professional.

Fall is here and everyone’s favorite spooky holiday will soon be upon us. We here at ECG know that finding the perfect costume for your All Hallows Eve festivities can be a haunting daunting task. Have no fear! (Well at least not yet.) We have provided five Halloween costumes that will certainly strike fear into anyone who has ever worked on set.

The Cable Mummy - On set production Halloween costume idea.

The Cable Mummy

Little is known of the origins of this hideous creature. Some say a young woman died after tripping over a poorly gaffed wire and has returned to haunt those careless enough to leave their power messy. Others will claim that Jen went into the warehouse to rewrap the power cords and just went a little bananas.

3 am call time, on set Halloween costume, caffeine

The 3AM Call Time

In this line of work, sometimes you have to get up early and sometimes you have to get up TOO early. Here we see Mary brewing some sort of horrible caffeine potion and clearly showing why people refer to 3AM as the witching hour.

Sexy Directory of Photography Halloween costume

The Sexy Director of Photography

Brandon demanded that his costume be added to the list claiming he was tired of letting the girls wear all the sexy costumes. When we tried to explain that a sexy Director of Photography wasn’t really a thing, he got mad, set up the lights and took the picture himself.

Cargo Short Monster - On set costume ideas.

The Cargo Short Monster

Trey, is that you? Oh god the pockets! There’s so many! What does he keep in them all? Gaff tape? A Multitool? Surely the only thing in those pockets is our nightmares! There’s no way any self respecting person could ever have a use for that many pockets! Are you mad?!?!

3am again costume - production assistant passed out on set floor

The “It’s 3AM again and I’m Still Here”

Some shoots start early and end late, others start early and never end. Only one thing is certain. Some day the naps come for us all. We’ll miss you Kelsey

We at ECG hope that these costume ideas will inspire you to have a truly memorable Halloween. Stay safe, stay scary and for all you DPs out there, stay sexy.

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