Collin Ingram

Collin Ingram

Born and raised north of Atlanta, Collin always knew that some sort of production work was right for him. While studying at the University of Georgia Collin spent most of his time as a DJ for 90.5 FM WUOG, where he hosted an award winning comedy talk show and podcast for over three years. After graduating from the Grady College of Journalism with a degree in Mass Media Arts, Collin joined the ECG team. As ECG’s Key Grip and Gaffer, Collin is responsible for the lighting and rigging that make ECG’s productions so beautiful. When not on set, Collin can be found filling a number a pre and post-production roles. This versatility has culminated in a wealth of skills all along the production workflow. Life on set often boils down to creative problem solving, and nothing satisfies Collin more than attacking a challenge from a unique and unorthodox angle. It is often the most minute details that can have a major impact on the overall look of a shot. Any shot, no matter how difficult, can be achieved with the proper grip equipment and a little ingenuity. The variety of work done by ECG provides Collin with an opportunity to learn and experiment with different techniques every day. The flexible team dynamic at ECG has allowed Collin to proliferate a bevy of skills. Wherever there is a need for someone to fill a new role, Collin is ready to volunteer. When not working, Collin can be found exploring the streets of Atlanta with his beloved dog JoJo, or desperately trying to convince someone that his new favorite show is better than they think. Media has always been a part of his life and being able to express his love for all facets of the visual arts is a dream come true for Collin. The sky's the limit, and Collin knows that being a member of the ECG team places him with the right people to continue to produce amazing content.

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