ACEC Georgia | The Importance of Engineering in Georgia

Spreading the Word of Engineering

Awards videos are one thing, but what about when you want something to showcase the importance of engineering year round? That was the idea behind this stunning, high energy spot for the American Council of Engineering Companies.

From the big ideas that came to fruition in the last year, to the small facets of life we take for granted every day, this video covers it all. From script to screen, we strove to encompass the incredible range of influence engineering has on our lives.

We worked hard to put this one together. We rigged the DJI Osmo+ handheld gimbal to the hood of Brandon’s car, captured some early morning drone footage, and got some polished shots with our trusty Canon C200 camera. Our creativity was seriously rewarded. It was a work of careful craftsmanship, and that’s just what engineering is all about.

Client: ACEC Georgia | Profile: Commercial, Corporate Video

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