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Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos have a history of being at best boring, and at worst tiresome. You have an amazing company of the highest quality, and you’re understandably very proud of it. Being a part of such a great organization, you know the importance of quality, innovation, and creativity. So why settle for anything less with your corporate videos? Your company deserves so much better!

Corporate video production experts plan and assess notes between two laptops.At ECG Productions, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of corporate video for over a decade.Our incredible track record of producing industry best corporate videos that are anything but ordinary speaks for itself.

From documentary-style year-end videos, to reality-style training videos, to superhero-turned-super-spy sales videos, we’ve done it all. No matter the size and scope of your project, we are dedicated to providing an amazing corporate video that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Your corporate videos are an extension of your brand, and an extension of your business that you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. They should be professional and crisp, but they should also be exciting and engaging!

Create something that’s both entertaining and informational and your team—and more importantly your clients—will quickly take notice. Nobody wants to sit through a boring video. With ECG as your corporate video partner they’ll never have to.

Aerial view of corporate business center

ECG Productions has worked with corporate clients of all sizes, both in the Atlanta area and around the globe. 

Some of our corporate video production clients include: