Brandon Peterson

Brandon Peterson

As Director of Photography, Brandon has traveled far and wide and filmed for big brands such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Kimberly-Clark, Google, AT&T, Bayer, and many more. He has shot everything from commercials, television, documentaries, music videos, training, and corporate; with many of these productions going on to win awards. With his unique blend of artistic, technical, and storytelling abilities, Brandon is able to get to the root of what the shot needs to communicate and records it in a clear, concise, and creative fashion. Brandon believes in the power of teamwork to enable a diverse group of people to work together on a project and create something bigger than the sum of its parts; and that's exactly what ECG Productions is all about!

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Avenger H2006 6x6 modular fold away frame.
Gear Reviews

Avenger H2006 Infomercial

Check out why the Avenger H2006 is a great tool to add to your grip gear tool box in this infomercial-style review video. Forewarning: you’re in for a treat.

Mo Data Mo Problems - Biggie Binary
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The Importance of SAN Storage for Video

Storing your work the right way in video production is a must. Here’s why, if you’re in the business, you need a SAN for video storage.

Cluster of white star LED lights.
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Lighting with Lightstar HMIs

You might not have heard of Lightstar HMIs even if you work in video production. They’re a trusted lighting brand in Asia, and here’s why it’s time they get to the US.

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Shooting HDR with the Sony a7s ii

Check out these photo comparisons using the HDR on the Sony a7s ii and get a better understanding of how dynamic this camera can be, especially for the low price point.

Movies & Television

Victoria Stilwell Visits ECG

Documentaries are a great platform for evoking change! Victoria Stilwell, from It’s Me or the Dog helped us out on this one for a day in our in-house greenscreen studio.

BMPC 4K Screen
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BMPC 4K Firmware Update 1.9 FPN Test Results

The latest camera equipment is always top of mind for us. We loved this firmware update for the BMPC and just had to discuss it. Get in on the gear hype with us!

Get Benito Adopted
Movies & Television


Get more out of your long-form video content by using it to make short content. Whether it’s a teaser, a trailer, or a mini-documentary like we made here!

Budweiser Puppy Love Commercial ECG Productions Atlanta GA Red Hare Brewing Beerlove
Video Marketing


Parody is video production’s version of flattery. Using the popularity of a brand’s video content isn’t a bad thing if it resonates. Sometimes it can be a clever marketing tactic!

Building the Title Red Epic Rig (ikan)
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Learn to build a Tilta RED Epic rig using the perfect kit of components. You’ll get multiple mounting points and everything you need to arm your camera for action.

ikan flyweight offset dslr shoulder rig
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Great video production takes great gear! This is our in-depth review of a few ikan camera rigs and the Follow Focus Cine-Kit.

ikan field monitor D5w
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ikan continues to impress with its available gear and we love to use it. Check out our review of the ikan field monitor and why it’s worth having.

VIDEO BLOG #1: CPM FF-1000 Follow Focus Review
Gear Reviews

VIDEO BLOG #1: CPM FF-1000 Follow Focus Review

Want to stay up to date on video production gear and camera equpiment? This product review for CPM Camera Rig’s Follow Focus goes deep on form and function.

CPM Camera Rig Canon 5D Mark iii
Gear Reviews

CPM Camera Rigs DSLR Cubed Shoulder Rig

CPM Camera Rigs is one company ECG relies on for video production gear. You need quality equipment to produce the best video content, and here’s why we like CPM.

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