The Arthur Blank Foundation | We Make History: The Story of Atlanta

Let’s get animated about Atlanta’s history!

Atlanta is an absolutely beautiful town. Not only is it our base of operations, it’s the wonderful, culturally-rich city that we call home. So, when one of the city’s most famous citizens—Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United owner, Arthur Blank—came calling, we were eager to rep our city!

The goal was simple: showcase the wonderful history of our town in a fun, unique way that Mr. Blank could show off to out of town guests visiting for Super Bowl LIII. Our approach was unconventional, but ultimately both Mr. Blank and his guests came away super impressed!

First and foremost, we wanted our visuals to look fresh while still evoking the past. So, Seth and David from the animation team went to work pulling press clips and historic images. They combed every resource imaginable and sourced some really striking images, both timeless and contemporary. From there they went to work. Using some creative transition elements, toying with opacity layers on the images, and putting in a little compositing work they created a kinetic collage of history in motion.

But that wasn’t enough for us! We also worked in concert with a team favorite artist, 16OS, to compose some original music for the animation. The resulting track adds that extra layer of hype that truly brings the video together! Like one of the teams that Mr. Blank owns, seeing this video really makes us want to RISE UP! and celebrate our hometown.

Client: The Arthur Blank Foundation | Profile: Branded Content




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