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David Wappel

When I was young, I wanted to be Indiana Jones. When I found out archeology is nothing like Raiders of the Lost Ark, I decided I wanted to be a paleontologist. When I found out it's nothing like Jurassic Park, I was stuck. So as I grew up, I turned to filmmaking to live out the stories I looked to as a child. Now I work in video and film production in Atlanta, and every day am getting closer to making those fantasies real. I love every part of telling stories through the moving image and plan to blog about that process. From working on set, to crafting scripts, to post-production tips, look for my blogs to cover anything and everything in the world of video and film production. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of my posts!

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Gear Reviews

Organizing Your Video Production Gear

Working in video production, you’re going to have a lot of gear. It’s important you keep it all organized and these are the best tips & tricks to keep track of everything.

Explainer Videos

Aflac | One-Day Pay Animation

This explainer video was one of seven we produced for Aflac about studying insurance trends. The simple 2D animation makes even a dense topic easy to understand!


PRSA | Marketing

No matter the size, scale, or situation of your event, getting people amped for it is vital. Wanna see a great example of what that looks like? Check out this event promo video we produced for the 2015 PRSA Conference.

Music Videos

16 OS | Invictus Music Video

A powerful song keeps its resonance even if the music video is shot against a simple background. See what we mean here with the video for 16 OS’ song, Invictus.


Georgia Aquarium | Rules Of The Theater

Ever had to listen to the house rules before a show starts? It’s hard to concentrate, but a video can get attention, like with this piece for the Georgia Aquarium.

Living with Lupus

Documentary: Simple Tasks | Living With Lupus

Video content and advocacy go hand-in-hand. Featuring spoken word artist Shanelle Gabriel, this mini-documentary, Living with Lupus, is a perfect example.