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    How Georgia's Film and Television Tax Incentives Work. DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE Georgia production incentives provide up to 30% of your Georgia production expenditures in transferable tax credits. The program is available for qualifying projects, including feature films, television series, commercials, music videos, animation and game development. With one of the industry’s...
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    SAG Rules and Guidelines Revealed DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE The mysteries of SAG (The Screen Actors Guild) are revealed in this edition of The Naked Unicorn Podcast. Host Jason Sirotin sat down with SAG Atlanta Local President, Ric Reitz and entertainment attorney Scott Patterson to uncover the facts about the most powerful...
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    Let's face it: the film and television industry is riddled with wannabes. Sometimes it seems like just about everyone, particularly in Atlanta, is the “CEO” or “President” of a media company. Putting it on a business card does not make it a reality. The problem I have with wannabes is...
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    0:30 Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy Television Commercial MAKING A BROADCAST TELEVISION COMMERCIAL IN 34 “EASY” STEPS: THE ANATOMY OF A TV COMMERCIAL Client Name: Theravent Inc. Corporate Headquarters: San Jose, California Website: www.theraventsnoring.com Product: Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy There's no denying that there's an art to making a great...
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    Why being more appreciative of your creative vendors actually makes YOU money! I have worked in the video production business for nearly twenty years (and in web development for five). I can honestly say that we always go above and beyond for our clients, no matter the size of the...
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    Every week I get at least three phone calls from artists looking to create music videos. While these are occasionally legitimate leads, most of the time the people calling have minuscule budgets of $500.00 or less.  The purpose of this article is to clearly explain why a great music video...