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    Written By: Jason Sirotin Edited By: Jason Marraccini Jason Sirotin has produced eleven feature length narrative and documentary films, along with over five hundred episodes of broadcast television. To see Jason Sirotin’s credits visit his IMDB page here. Jason Sirotin IMDB. Like the title says, here’s a guide for how...
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    Every week, I get several calls from people interested in getting their television show on the air. At least 75 percent of them ask this question: “Should I make a pilot or a sizzle reel?”. After years of teetering back and forth, I finally have an answer. You should make...
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    Videos are becoming more and more ubiquitous for both large and small companies. At some point if you’re a decision maker in an organization, you will likely be asked to do an on-camera interview. Some folks thrive in front of the lens, while others dread the thought of being filmed....
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    If you are a small business you undoubtedly have had clients with Net45, Net60 and even Net120 payment terms. We all much prefer collecting the balance of our invoices upon delivery of the final product, but let’s be honest, sometimes that’s just not possible. If you want to do business...
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    Watch the Sizzle Reel Now!: Full Transcript: Jason Sirotin (Host): Hello and welcome to the Naked Unicorn podcast, I'm Jason Sirotin and today I am joined by my friend…and I guess we're business partners? Sarah Ballantyne (Guest): I guess we are. Jason Sirotin (Host): We are. Sarah Ballantyne (Guest): Oh...
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    Animation in Atlanta and around the globe is changing. Join the ECG team as they discuss & explore the new frontiers of 2D & 3D animation in this weeks Naked Unicorn podcast. Atlanta Video Animation Team Podcast: Jason Sirotin: Hello, and welcome to the Naked Unicorn Podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin....
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      The new age of corporate video production is explored. Jason Sirotin: All right, welcome to the Naked Unicorn Podcast I'm Jason Sirotin I'm here with the partners of ECG, Jason Marraccini, and Trey Gregory. How you guys doing this morning? Jason Marraccini: Doing good. I could use a coffee,...
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    Three Atlanta music video directors. One table that is not round. A ton of great information! There are not many people that I really follow in the Atlanta music video scene, but there are definitely two directors who's latest work I'm always excited to check out: Video Rahim and Tim Daust....