CARE | Don’t Cut Lives

Your tax dollars make a big difference around the world. When you vote, #DontCutLives

Because CARE-ing Can Make Such a Huge Difference

We like to think that the content we produce helps change the world for the better, even if just on a micro-scale. However, our friends at CARE make the world a better place every. single. day. From the fight against poverty to fostering foreign aid, CARE helps those in need across the globe. Putting it bluntly: they’re an amazing organization.

So when CARE needed help fighting looming tax cuts that would hurt their humanitarian efforts, we stepped in. The result is a poignant video that clearly outlines how CARE helps people all across the globe. Shot on location at our studio using a Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro, the live action portion of the video was purposefully simplistic. The real magic of this video is in the straightforward yet affecting 2D animation. What’s more, the one-two punch of animation and live action showcases exactly where and how your tax dollars go to work.

So, when you vote this Fall, don’t forget: #dontcutlives!

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