Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta | A Thousand Little Choices

The important PSA we helped Children’s Health Care of Atlanta create for Safe Sleep Awareness.

We helped Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta create just the right spot for Safe Sleep Awareness month! It takes a thousand little choices to make such an important PSA, but we’re sure we made all the right ones.

Our client wanted a video that would shock its audience in order to make an impact. We stumbled onto the idea to play on the nostalgia of watching children grow up so quickly. The nostalgia lures you in, but the gut punch at the end drives the message home. Once the idea locked, Director Trey Gregory developed his vision with a bit of research to ensure the spot would really land.

To fit with his vision, Director of Photography Emily Payton opted to film with an ARRI Alexa Mini on a dolly, specifically the Chapman Super PeeWee III Plus with a Libec arm on FilmAir track. When taken apart, this was the lightest dolly option. With the dolly moving up and down 2 flights of stairs, she figured the lighter, the better. The dolly helped us achieve those slow, steady movements, and Dolly Grip Alessandro Graci maneuvered it like a pro.  

Trey also chose a color palette for the art department to follow for props and wardrobe. He wanted to show two people in the deepest stage of grief, but not in the traditional dark and gloomy way. Thankfully Production Designer Muriel Lee understood exactly what he meant and nailed it.

Speaking of art department, one of our favorite rooms in the house was the nursery, which we completely re-painted and staged for our shoot. Emily said one of her favorite moments on set was getting the shot of our talent painting the wall. We didn’t have much room for error, but no need to worry, Sebastian Chamaca perfectly pulled focus on the first take.

We love when a project challenges us and this was definitely one of those projects! Everything came together so well because of all of the hard work put in by each member of our team. The result is a beautiful spot with an important message that will surely bring tears to your eyes!




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