Educational videos get a bad rap sometimes, but we’ve created a few over the years that we’re pretty proud of. In particular, we’re thinking of some videos we created for our friends at the CDC that required taking high level scientific data and research and turning it into content that anyone would be able to watch and understand. A lot of work we’ve done here was made for nonprofits and government agencies wanting to spread more information about important issues. In this era of information overload, we know quality videos from trustworthy sources can make all the difference. It definitely makes the effort to create engaging and informative educational videos worth it!

Education Portfolio

Kimberly-Clark | Protect KC & Me Animation

The internet can be a dangerous place at times. Luckily, through the power of 2D animation, we created an animated explainer that teaches Kimberly-Clark employees how to stay protected when using the world-wide web.

CDC Tracking in Action Explainer Video

CDC | Tracking In Action

This explainer video we produced for the CDC to support public health and safety is as informative as it is sleek. Technical yet accessible, this video is a font of important info.

Belgard "How to Build a Fire Pit" video.

Belgard | How to Build a Fire Pit

There’s nothing like a warm fire on a brisk night. In this how-to video, we use some cool visual effects and Belgard bricks to build our very own fire pit.

Animation by ECG Productions

Goodwill of North Georgia | Dress for Success

Combining practical illusions with digital effects, we created our best whiteboard animation video to date! This “Dress for Success” video for Goodwill of North Georgia is dressed to impress!