Concrete Combat | Episode 107 | The Final Showdown

It all comes down to this: the most rock-solid competition show cements its champions in this Sin City Showdown! | Concrete Combat Episode 107

Leaving the Concrete Colosseum in our dust, we flew our team out to the World of Concrete to meet up with the Sakrete team to reveal the big secret of who would claim the title of first-ever Concrete Champ in a larger than life live finale. I guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there. 

In this episode of Concrete Combat, finalists were tasked with repairing a damaged drainage culvert in thirty minutes, with fans cheering them on from the stands, and judges watching their every move. If that pressure wasn’t enough to make them crack, judges tossed in a surprise twist, putting competitors in hot water. Being judged on speed, aesthetics, cost, execution, and the added bonus of audience participation, both teams worked with precision to be the last one standing when the dust settled. 

Our team had their work cut out for them as they tackled a challenge of their own; recording a show LIVE. As the competitors readied their tools, we readied our cameras, preparing the perfect shot and not missing a single beat; or slab. 

Director, Jordan Nowlin, traded in his director’s hat, undertaking the role of Showrunner for this smashing finale. Running switchboard and color correcting live, didn’t trip up this well-oiled machine. Keeping his wits about him, Jordan was able to communicate a clear vision to the team which can be seen in the seamless execution of this life finale. The crew kept implicitly trusting each other, and even with the fast-paced nature of this show they came out with an amazing product and invaluable experience. 

Tune in to find out which team gets to wear the belt and which gets the steel-toed boot!




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