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  1. Photo of Jordan Nowlin

    Jordan Nowlin


    Jordan was born and raised in Atlanta, making the jump over to Athens, GA for college where he attended the University of Georgia. He graduated with distinction with degrees in English, Psychology, and Film Studies, and then promptly took his talents up north to New York City. While in the Big Apple, Jordan worked in every medium from comic books to music videos, honing his knack for storytelling each step of the way. After a couple of years in the cold, however, he decided it was time to return home and make his mark on the burgeoning Atlanta film scene. Since then, he has continued his prodigious career working as a writer/producer for music videos, commercials, and short films. If he’s learned anything so far in this industry, it’s that no matter the medium, from Kamus to Kubrick, the story is always the key to any successful production, and he’s happy to bring those stories to life.

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    Experience Sig Sauer’s legendary firearms selection and expertise, at the Sig Sauer Pro Shop What’s better than an expansive, high-quality selection of firearms? How about the most knowledgeable firearms experts in the world to help you find the perfect one? That’s what the Sig Sauer offers in this epic broadcast...
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    At the Sig Sauer Academy, knowledge and skills are vital parts of proper firearm safety. We experienced the famous New England fall leaves firsthand when we traveled all the way to New Hampshire to create this broadcast spot. The Sig Sauer Academy is a massive compound dedicated to training and...
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    There are few joys as daunting, few pleasures as unenviable as the start of writing a screenplay. Write up some marketing copy? Sure thing. Draft a basic A/V script for client consumption? You betcha! Bang out a blog for funsies: done lickity split. But no matter how well-outlined the story,...
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    Your tax dollars make a big difference around the world. When you vote, #DontCutLives Because CARE-ing Can Make Such a Huge Difference We like to think that the content we produce helps change the world for the better, even if just on a micro-scale. However, our friends at CARE make...
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    Sleek. Smooth. Sociopathic. The second installment of our “character intro” series for James Patterson’s best-selling novel, Target: Alex Cross, is arguably our best. This spot introduces Sean Lawlor, an assassin whose appreciation for the finer things is matched only by his drive to kill. Patterson describes Lawlor as a “man’s...
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    Married and on a mission of murder We made five videos to celebrate the release of James Patterson’s latest Alex Cross novel, Target: Alex Cross. Cross is an iconic character, and he means a lot to tons of readers. So, like any great author would, Patterson sends not one, but...
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    A brand experience that’s dripping with swagger Maker’s Mark is a brand that’s renowned for being as tasteful as it is tasty. So it’s no surprise that the whiskey giant’s latest marketing campaign is equal parts cool and collaborative. The campaign, entitled “Make Your Mark,” empowers local artists to “Make...
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    Beats & Brands & Blunts… Oh My! What happens when a brand forsakes what it’s “supposed to be” and instead embraces what it really is? The #BeBlunt campaign that Phillies Blunt ran in the Summer of 2018 shows the amazing rewards you can reap. In activations all over the country,...