Content Survey Response #2: Mary Winter

Arrested Development TV show, comedy, series
As a producer at ECG, Mary Winter has strong opinions about movies. Find out her favorites in categories like best dialogue and best soundtrack in this content survey.

Mary began her time here at ECG as an executive assistant, charged with doing everything from picking up gear and scheduling catering to helping plan birthday parties for the partners’ kids and making late night runs to the liquor store. She’s since gained an intimate knowledge of all the phases of pre-pro, production and post and grown her producing skill-set immensely. She’s even been spending time after-hours learning how to edit. All that means that she’s too much of an asset to the team to remain an assistant forever. As of August 1st, Mary will be making the jump to full-fledged Producer, passing the executive assistant mantel over to our rockstar intern Kelsey Merriam, who will soon know the joys of scheduling urgent car repairs, borrowing sushi boats from restaurants and trying to find the right brand of microwaveable Korean dumplings at Costco.

In an office culture full of passionate, polarizing opinions about film & television (often expressed very loudly), Mary’s voice is a decidedly calmer one. She even asked me to frame her content survey as “Proof Mary Isn’t A Movie Snob”. So without further ado, here’s Mary’s list. If you need to refresh your memory, you can find my original Content Survey post that runs down the concept and lists off the various categories HERE.


Best Dialogue: Stranger Than Fiction

I mean, how can this not be my first pick? I love to read and this story really has the feel of a book. With an awesome cast and witty back and forth this is a no brainer. I mean… Harold Crick even brings Ana (a baker) flours.

Best Action: The Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects movie scene, police line up

This movie makes me laugh every time and as a bonus they blow stuff up occasionally.

Best Emotional Connection With The Audience: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Everyone has that one thing they would like to forget. The soundtrack definitely helps with this one.

Guilty Pleasure: Clockstoppers

It’s a Nickelodeon movie and it’s very, very cheesy. I still love the concept and the Blink-182 soundtrack.

Guaranteed Tears: It’s a Wonderful Life

All of these characters are relatable and wonderful and if you don’t cry you have no soul.

Movie You Feel Like You SHOULD Like, But You Don’t: Gone With the Wind

I find all of the characters incredibly annoying and unlikeable. I’ve been told that’s the point.

Movie You Hate Purely Out Of Spite: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

I just don’t love Tucker Max at all.

All-Time Favorite : The Lost BoysLost Boys, 80's movie, vampire

Watched this movie non-stop for an entire summer. I love it. It will probably always be my number one. Too bad they never made a sequel. (Please don’t ruin it by reminding me that there was)

My Favorite Visuals: Across the Universe

I love everything about this. From the puppetry, to the imagery and the dancing. I find the color vibrant and wonderful. Just a great viewing experience.

My Favorite Score: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Anything by Alexandre Desplat really. Just phenomenal work every time.  

My Favorite soundtrack: Batman Forever  

Maybe it’s just because I heard it over and over again while standing in line for the Batman ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, but I think it has more to do with Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose.”


Best Episodic Drama: Veronica Mars

Who doesn’t love a snarky teenager with full P.I. gear?

Best Comedy (Low Brow): Eureka

This show is so campy I had to love it. A town full of super genius scientists must be full of conspiracies right?

Best Comedy (High Brow): Arrested Development

Arrested Development TV show, comedy, series

Always makes me laugh.

Best Reality/Contest: Fixer Upper

This show does a really great job making me feel like a part of the big happy family and I’m not afraid to admit that my next house will likely feature a farm sink. (I’ve seriously considered going to Texas to visit the Magnolia Silos.)

Comfort Food/Hangover Fodder: Taxi

I’ve seen most of Taxi and will start laughing before the jokes even show up. I especially love Latka and Simka.

Best Series Finale: Roswell

It’s a teen drama about aliens, what more could I want?

Lived Up To The Hype: How I Met Your Mother

I kept thinking people were crazy until I finally watched this one. The jokes grown on each other and it all has a feel good vibe. Exactly what I want in a comedy. Plus it helps my  homesick feelings.

Pressured Into Watching This And…Meh:  Supernatural

It should probably be right up my alley but I can’t get into it. Not sure why.

Fringe TV show, drama, sci-fi, scienceAll-Time Favorite : Fringe

It’s got a strong female lead, it involves science and conspiracy theories and the unknown. Plus there is an entire episode comparing math and music which makes my super geeky music theory self very very happy.

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