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Jason Marraccini

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. It didn't take me long during my undergraduate years at Boston University to realize that editing was my favorite part of the process - editing film, mind you. I'm old enough to have been in one of the last graduating classes to cut actual celluloid. I still have my splicer next to my desk as a reminder. As ECG Productions has grown and evolved, the business of video production and business operations in general have become more of my focus and my passion, but my heart is still very much on the post-production side of the equation. I enjoy blogging about a wide range of topics - from production and post gear to contracts to entrepreneurship, with a smattering of opinion pieces about pop-culture, episodic television, film and the Atlanta production community thrown in for good measure. If there's ever a specific topic you'd like me to cover, a new piece of software or equipment you think I should know about, or you just have a question or comment, please feel free to email me directly at jason@ecgprod.com. When I'm not at ECG, you can usually find me cooking, hiking, kayaking, camping, working on running my other business, Treehorn Cider, and trying to be the best father and husband I can through all the chaos. I'm frequently tired, but also very, very happy. Thanks for reading!

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