Dutch Masters | Craft Syndicate – Big G

Musical artist, actor, and all around creative powerhouse, Anwan “Big G” Glover delivers a powerful message in our Dutch Masters powered mini-doc

We’re no strangers to branded content at ECG. So when Dutch Masters and their creative off-shoot Craft Syndicate wanted to team up to make a series of branded mini-doc pieces highlighting different entrepreneurs and influencers across America, we were so down. Plus, we got to partner with our friends and masters of marketing at Populace Group once again. For this video, musical artist and actor (best known for his role as Slim in HBO’s The Wire), Anwan “Big G” Glover was the man of the hour. The goal was to capture his story, his love of music and his environment. Oh, and we couldn’t forget to have him mention his love of Dutch Masters’ famed cigars, too!

We planned to meet Anwan at his hometown of Washington D.C. to capture the footage for the mini-doc. Good thing Mary Winter, ECG’s Lead Producer, is no stranger to producing travel shoots. Her years of experience in video production has led to a large roster of vetted freelancers across America. That’s how ECG produces the same high quality work in any city, anywhere. While Mary nailed the logistics, it was up to Sabai Burnett from Populace Group to line up the details with Anwan. After locking in a schedule, our crew was ready to pack, fly out to D.C., and shoot some beautiful branded content.

Speaking of crew, ECG camera department extraordinaire, Sebastian Chamaca, was our Director of Photography on set. We knew his ability to compose beautiful shots on the fly would very much come in handy on a run and gun shoot like this. The crew had to stay mobile to get the full coverage we needed in the edit.

Back at the ECG edit bays, Emily Payton sifted through hours of footage with Anwan to get to a final cut. It was a tough job to narrow down Anwan’s wisdom into a few minutes! After the edit was final, ECG’s post-finishing powerhouses, Joe DiCosola and Jenn Lee, CSI., stepped in to polish the sound and color. Always the icing on the cake!

The final video is one of the best of our series of mini-docs with Dutch Masters. Being able to capture Anwan’s story and passion for art and music was truly an honor, and an all around blast of a project.




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