Eater – Cult Following | Mary Mac’s Tea Room

A new look at a storied Soul Food joint

A glimpse into the kitchen that makes some of the most famous chicken in Atlanta? Count us in. In this installment of our collaborations with Eater, we visited Mary Mac’s Team Room. This Cabbagetown institution hasn’t lost an ounce of charm in over 70 years of operation. What’s more, the good folks in charge don’t let its iconic status get in the way of hospitality and, above all, great food. They greeted our lean, mean, production team warmly, and allowed us into their busy kitchen to capture some mouth-watering footage. Equipped with dual Sony a7s ii cameras, we navigated the crowded space, and came away with beautiful shots of all Mary Mac’s greatest offerings, incredible fried chicken included. At the end of the day, we even got to indulge in some of it ourselves. After a great day of shooting, we left a bit less lean than we arrived. We were, however, more than satisfied.

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