Elf on the Shelf | Sizzle Reel

Elf on the Shelf: checking in with Santa since 2005

Elf on the Shelf is one of the biggest traditions around the world and we were lucky enough to bring its history to life. With the help of our client, we gathered numerous videos to piece together the growth to infamy that this little elf has been through.

Sebastian Chamaca, our Director of Photography and Post-producer, worked some holiday magic with this reel. With the help of programs like Premiere Pro and After Effects, he was able to compile all the videos we were sent and was able to edit it down to a 3:00 reel. With this project, Seb had to learn a lot about making transitions and graphics to ensure the video flowed seamlessly. He also used a program called iZotope RX to isolate some of the broadcasts since they had music of their own!

“This project was especially interesting to me because I got to learn about this tradition’s history since I never knew about it before moving to the United States,” Seb stated as we discussed just how big and influential the tradition is here. 

Being able to bring all of that influence, media coverage, extensive history, and of course, the love of millions, together for this reel was an amazing journey and with all his hard work, we know Seb is on the Nice List this year!




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