Fitness Bank | Instagram Influencer Video #2

A series of booty-burning workout videos for Fitness Bank driven by Instagram influencers

When our long-time client, Fitness Bank, wanted to launch a new social media campaign, an influencer-driven fitness video series seemed like a no brainer. Of course, Fitness Bank agreed, and our search for the right online content creator began. 

Fitness Bank knew they wanted to partner with a spunky, health-focused female with a sizable, enthusiastic fanbase. ECG Producer Muriel Lee started the search across social platforms for someone that fit the bill for America’s first lifestyle bank. In the end, she found Nadia White (@nadia on Instagram). She combines fitness, beauty, and fashion to create a page full of product and lifestyle resources for her followers. She might also have the best head of hair we’ve ever seen on a human, period. 

Nadia came up with a few resistance band workouts that folks could do in their living rooms, and we’d have no trouble filming in our studio. We lit the studio cyc using Kinos with extra diffusion for a bright, even look. Plus, Nadia’s slick Fitness Bank workout gear stood out and looked good. Important for the online clout! 

Our Director of Photography Sebastian Chamaca created a sideways camera rig so we were filming in the correct orientation for phone screens. Then Cameron Shaw edited the videos down to a follow-along-style and put it to some upbeat music. He made sure the TRT was long enough for the video to qualify as an Instagram Reel. That way it would always be accessible on Nadia’s page!

Seth Johnson, project Director and Animator, knocked out some Fitness Bank graphics to finish. They relayed the amount of reps and sets as well as tips for executing the exercises with proper form. After a quick color and audio pass, the videos were ready for Nadia to post. It was another successful video for our friends at Fitness Bank with a decent booty burn to boot!




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