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Foot Solutions Take Another Big Step Forward With Back On The Job

Fast on the heels of the “Back On Your Feet” tv commercial, ECG followed up with the second commercial in the campaign, “Back On The Job.” This spot was meant to hit some of the same emotional chords, but was targeted towards customers of Foot Solutions‘ in-soles for work boots. ECG assembled the same team that created success for the original spot in the campaign.

This commercial was shot in a single day at two locations. The first location, a single family home in south Atlanta, played for our living room, kitchen, and garage locations. The “job site” location was played by our very own office. With a few hard-hats, vests, and limited camera angles, you can turn pretty much anywhere into a “job site!”

Due to the bright and sunny look of this commercial, Director of Photography Trey Gregory chose the Blackmagic Pocket 6k with a PL adapter and the trusty Angenieux EZ1 / EZ2 lenses. Director Cameron Shaw wanted the opening shot to portray a feeling of being stuck in a dream. Using all the lights at his disposal, gaffer Collin Ingram pushed a mix of available light and artificial light through the home’s side windows, creating an early morning feel with a waking-dream quality.

That lighting setup, paired with an amazing performance by our lead talent, truly captured the vibe that our client was after.

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