Foot Solutions | Back On Your Feet

The First Commercial in Foot Solutions’ “Back On” Campaign Makes You Wanna Stand Up & Move!

Foot Solutions came to us with the outline for a commercial and the tagline “Back On Your Feet” and asked us to create the first of what they hoped to be a series of commercials for their brand.

Cameron Shaw hopped on board to direct and ensured that casting and locations were locked up early in the process. The primary challenge for production became the opening shot of our lead talent on the couch. The home we chose was bright and airy so that we could really lean into the main character coming out of the shadows and back into the light. However, this created a challenge in creating the ‘dark cave’ feeling we wanted to create for the opening shot.

Trey Gregory acted as Director of Photography for this project and opted to shoot with the RED Monstro 8k and the complete set of Angenieux EZ lenses. This lens-camera combo allowed for the creation of the rich dark areas in the opening shot, as well as the bright sunny shots at the end of the commercial, which were captured at Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs Georgia.

Collin Ingram directed the grip team in the laborious task of blacking out three walls-worth of windows to tackle the opening shot of this commercial. Using a set of four 4×4 black flags, two 2×1 black flags, one 6×6 frame with blackout, and over a dozen yards of black duveteen; the grip team was able to turn a bright sunny living room into a dim, dark cave-like den.

The final results yielded a fantastic start to the “Back On Your Feet” campaign for Foot Solutions. The commercial is emotional and evocative of the moment when you return to the sun after a long time in the dark. This theme was continued in the next commercial in the campaign, “Back On The Job” which you can take a look at here.

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