FOX Sports | Orlando Magic – Logo Animation

Making some NBA magic with FOX Sports

Incoming! The 2019-2020 basketball season is bearing down like…something. Oh yeah! Like a fiery basketball from outer space. Obviously. You need a stunning new animation to get fans excited for Orlando Magic basketball? Who do you call in your hour of need?! Well, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually easier to teach animators how to generate 3D basketballs than it is to teach NBA players how to animate. That’s why our friends at FOX Sports came to us once again!

We’ve prowled this arena before, delivering not one, but two gorgeously rendered promo animations for the Florida Panthers. After David Hixon did such a beautiful job there, Trey Gregory was anxious to get in on the action. He assembled the satellite in After Effects himself, using a set of futuristic engine components. For the other effects, he used Elements 3D, as well as Trapcode Particular for the otherworldly flames on the basketball.

We could easily call this piece a slam dunk–it looks great and the client was thrilled! But it’s pretty clear that basketball is coming from WAY down town. Instead we’ll say this one hit nothing but net! Everyone’s hoop dreams came true, and no one suffered from “space madness.”




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