Sports & Fitness

Sports & fitness videos are always entertaining because of the badass subject matter! We’ve shot promotional videos for gyms, tons of fitness footage for our friends at Resurgens Orthopaedics for their sports injury department and our fair share of workout instructional videos too. We always take a bit more consideration into our sports & fitness video productions, especially for instructional videos. Our talent has to be able to move around freely and the audio needs to remain pretty crisp even with all the movement going on. But anything that inspires us to get up and start moving is definitely worth the effort.

Sports & Fitness Portfolio

Snow falls on a Florida coastline indicating that winter is coming.

FOX Sports | Winter Is Coming

Maya, Syntheyes, and After Effects work together to create a very cool 3D animated promotional video for the Florida Panthers hockey team!

Video stills from Windy Hill Athletic Club

Windy Hill | Athletic Club

Windy Hill Athletic Club helps keep the ECG family fit and healthy! This commercial we made for them shows off the incredible facilities they offer. Check it out!

Testimonial video still Bauerfeind

Bauerfeind | GenuTrain Testimonial

This product demo / testimonial video puts Bauerfeind’s money where its mouth is. In this video, athlete Nicki Sterner tests if Bauerfeind’s braces and shoe inserts relieve her pains.

Fitness video thumbnail from a fitness reel.

ECG Productions | Fitness Reel 2017

ECG Productions has a long history of creating fitness and wellness content. This fitness video reel shows off our most pulse-pounding efforts. Feel the burn!

Shazzy Fitness Sizzle Reel


Fitness videos require a certain amount of finesse, and we know how just how to make you move and groove. Just see what we did for Shazzy Fitness in their electric sizzle reel.

Workout Kid Beasts


CJ the Workout Kid really knows his moves, and this workout video really knows how to get you moving and in shape!

Workout Kid State Park 2


Fitness and the great outdoors: they just go together! To see just how great this combo can be, check out this workout video we produced for The Workout Kid & Georgia State Parks.

Workout Kid State Park


There’s nothing like being outside to exercise. Check out what happened when Georgia State Parks partnered with The Workout Kid to make an amazing workout video.

Workout Kid Sizzle Reel


If The Workout Kid can’t get you up out of your seat, then nothing can! This sizzle reel for the full-on workout plan will get almost as pumped as the workout itself.

Billie Wickliffe Documentary

Billie Wickliffe – Documentary

Tying in to our love of sports and fitness, this mini-doc goes inside the life of Billie Wickliffe, a women’s golf pioneer, in a touching tribute for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.

Mark Esoda Documentary

Mark Esoda | Mini-Doc

This golf-centered mini-documentary for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame focuses on passionate Atlanta Country Club Superintendent, Mark Esoda. Check it out!

Jim Stuart Documentary

Jim Stuart | Mini-Doc

Our mini-documentary on iconic Georgia golfer, Jim Stuart, is can’t miss content for fans of the sport. It was an honor to create it for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.